Do you have an injury from years ago, that your body has never quite healed from? Are you suffering from pain that is making it hard to move or work?


Orthosomatics helps you to actively and consciously reawaken your brain’s ability to relax tight muscles, correct imbalances and release stress on joints.


My clients have had remarkable results for pain and injuries that they have been living with for ten years old or more. Peter will treat your pain, and show you how to expedite your body's ability to heal itself. 

Get relief from:

• Migraines

• Trauma injuries and whiplash

• Frozen shoulder

• Tendinitis, arthritis, bursitis

• Stiff, painful and degenerative joints

• Hip and knee problems


• Neck and shoulder pain/tightness

• Lower and upper back pain

• A Pinched nerve


A Powerful solution to treat:

• Sports Injuries

• Fibromyalgia

• Parkinson’s and MS


If your body is relearning how to work again after a surgery, Orthosomatics will speed up your recovery exponentially. 


An Alternative to Surgery


"My hip was killing me.  The next thing I knew the pain went over my right knee all the way down to the top of my foot. I have been a driver for UPS for 38 years and this was one of my worst injuries.  My doctor took a Xray of my hip and recommended a hip replacement. I was referred to Peter by a long time friend. 


As soon as I started my treatment, Peter found the epicenter of my pain. He told me it would not go away over night, and I had to do the exercises he taught me. I saw him once a week for 5 weeks and I began to improve.
I'm now back to normal, and I don’t need to get a hip replacement!"


- Patrick C., Pacifica, CA

What do clients say about OrthoSomatics?   

Common responses from my clients are:
The results are long lasting; They feel very relaxed; Their posture, balance, and coordination are much improved; Headaches are gone; Pain is gone; They have more flexibility and strength; They have a better sense of well being.


Clients almost always report improvement after first session, and all clients within 6 weeks of doing daily somatic movements for 15-20 minutes report profound changes.

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