Fee:  $125.00 for 75 minutes

Package of 4 sessions
$400.00 (save $100.00)

Methods of payment
Sessions are paid for by cash or check.

If you use my online booking system, you can

pay with Paypal or pay at time of session.

Peter's Sessions are Excellent if you have had Surgery


“I regularly encounter joint and muscle pain from the result of multiple hip surgeries I've had to have. I’ve been to numerous physical therapists and orthopedists trying to manage this discomfort for many years. The best relief I have found has been from Peter’s massages. 


He creates an atmosphere of respect and relaxation that puts me immediately at ease. His knowledge of body mechanics and skill as a massage therapist has enabled me to have the energy and mobility to navigate the physical challenges of raising young children while maintaining a busy career. 


I have been to other massage therapists and Peter’s massages have the longest lasting benefits of any I have experienced. The aligning and centering effects of the massage stay with me for several days afterwards.”
– Christina D.