Tune ups are a form of self care.


“I consider Peter's massage a "tune up" for my physically active lifestyle.  Over the past several years, when my shoulders/neck start feeling tight, I know it's time to make an appointment. I can always depend on Peter's ability to free up my stiffness. I walk out energized, balanced, ready to exercise/dance.  An additional bonus are the basic somatic techniques Peter has taught me which relax my shoulder between massages.”


- Marilyn M., Palo Alto, CA

Does this treatment work well if I am training for a marathon or want to increase my core strength? 

Yes. Orthosomatics improves performance in any sport or physical activity. The orthosomatic movements you will receive and learn have profound results by themselves and enhance any other treatments you might be doing to strengthen your body. They enhance yoga, pilates, weight lifting, physiotherapy and chiropractic adjustments.