“The first time I went to Peter, I was bent over and curved to the right.  I couldn't stand up. I had been doing physical therapy but nothing worked.  I left Peter's massage table and was able to stand upright.  But here's what impressed me the most: he gave me movements to keep getting better on my own. That's what his sessions are all about.”

- Kirsti C., Mountain View, CA


What is Orthosomatics?

Peter developed Orthosomatics by combining two main components: The Hendrickson Method, an advanced manual therapy and massage for orthopedic conditions and Hanna Somatic Education, a gentle  and slow movement technique that increases brain-muscle coordination.  This technique is all about releasing tight muscles and strengthening weak ones, thus reversing chronic pain. The results are remarkable and long lasting. This is no ordinary massage.

Is Orthosomatics painful?

The treatments are sometimes deep but always pain free and relaxing. The somatic movements are always gentle, slow and easy to do for all ages and abilities.

Is Orthosomatics effective for old injuries?

Yes, very much so. My clients have had remarkable results for pain and injuries that they have been living with for ten years or more. Orthosomatics helps you actively and consciously reawaken your brain’s ability to relax tight muscles, correcting imbalances and releasing stress on joints. It is really never too late to have exceptional results if you receive this treatment and do the exercises.

What can I expect in a session?

Clients are asked to wear comfortable, easy to move in clothing. Much of the treatment is done in the side lying position to relieve any back discomfort. The treatments include manual therapy and massage, muscle energy technique (the client contracts a muscle against my resistance) and Hanna Somatic Education (I will guide the client through gentle movements). I will also design movements specifically for your needs that you will be able to do on your own that will keep the specific pain you are having from resurfacing.